The Kurdish women’s movement, the Union of Free Women (YJA) has changed its name to the Kurdistan Communtiies of Women (Komalen Jinen Kurdistan, KJK) in order to reorganize itself under a confederal system. The Women’s Movement has issued a statement to announce its name change, stressing the importance of women’s organisation on the basis of the ideological and political requirements for a universal liberation of women.

The statement issued by the Executive Committee of KJK (Komalen Jinen Kurdistan) made important assessments regarding the current situation in the Middle East, and the world in general. Emphasizing that the 21st century will be the century of the liberation of women and the peoples, KJK said the peoples, faiths, women, children, youth, communities and the cultures of the Middle East are currently under the threat of oblivion.

KJK stressed the capitalist monopoly of men is threatening the life of women with the new developments in the Middle East. “A new process that is mostly affecting women’s lives has begun following the occupation of Mosul by ISIS” said the KJK.

“The initial laws for reorganising the life of women were implemented as soon as Mosul and some other places were occupied. It is the democratic social values that are targeted by the enslavement of women through inhumane and outdated laws” said KJK adding that the aim of the attacks on women as well as on the Rojava Revolution was to destroy the free women tendency that has been created by the struggles of the women’s liberation movement and which is rapidly spreading to the whole Middle East.

KJK stressed that the attacks of ISIS are of a counter-revolutionary character against the women-centred democratic social revolution. “The powers of capitalist modernity are annihilating the faiths, attacking the local cultures, violating the right to life of communities and making women booty of war through ISIS, its pawn in the Middle East” said the KJK.

KJK further pointed out that the Middle East, while being turned into a battlefield, has also become the centre of possible democratic solutions, adding that capitalist modernity has no chance in the face of women’s awakening consciousness and their uprising. KJK also drew attention to the fact that the Kurdish women’s movement is now a leading force in the Middle East, strengthening all women.

“The level reached by the Kurdish women’s liberation movement in the political, ideological fields as well as in the guerrilla forces, going far beyond the existing system, raises hopes for all the women of the world” said KJK, adding that the women guerrilla forces in Rojava and in Sinjar and Mahkmur have been the hope against the policies of massacre and annihilation. “To multiply this hope is now the common aim of the whole women’s movement in the Middle East” stressed the KJK.

In the rest of the statement, the KJK drew attention to the women-centred models for a democratic solution, pointing to the confederal system: “The democratic confederal system is first of all the unity of those values that are weakened, disrupted, fragmented by the system of male dominance. It is the realization of the sociality that belongs to women. The confederal system that will be built by women is the third way against the destruction of primarily women and all people, identities, communities, cultures, faiths, languages and nature”.

KJK also stressed that it is mainly women who are to realize the democratic nation-building, pointing out that a comprehensive understanding of self-defence and action in all fields on the basis of the democratic nation is essential.

KCK recalled the resolution for a new model of organisation based on a confederal system adopted by the last congress of women in May 2014 and said KJK- Komalen Jinen Kurdistan (Kurdistan Communities of Women) is now the umbrella organisation for all women, calling on all Kurdish women to take part in the struggle for women’s liberation.