72 women killed in the past year in South East Turkey

Human Rights Association (IHD) Diyarbakir Branch announced its Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region 2010 Report on Violations of Women’s Right to Live in International Women’s Day.

Source: Human Rights Association Diyarbakir

The statement noted that 72 women in the region were victims of murder for various reasons within a year and 113 women killed themselves committing a suicide. The report also notifies that a large number of women were exposed to violence, rape and harassment.

The numbers of violations on the report are;

* Suspicious deaths: 18 dead

* Honor killings: 13 dead, 1 wounded

* Women exposed to domestic violence: 25 dead, 95 violence-wounded, 7 rape, 4 harassment

* Violence against women in social sphere: 16 dead, 28 violence-wounded, 69 rape, 41 harassment

* Women forced into prostitution: 7

* Violence by security forces: 8 events

* Harassment and rape by security forces: 8 harassment,1 rape

The analysis of the data released by IHD Diyarbakir Branch is as follows;

*Considering the figures of suspicious deaths, honor killings, deaths from domestic violence and murders in social sphere, 72 women in our region were killed in 2010 and 10 of the murdered women are girls under the age of 18.

* One of the most frightening figures is also the women’s suicides. When examining the figures, 113 women died by committing suicide within one year and 73 attempted suicide. Among this figure, 10 of the victims are girls under 18.

* Violence, rape and harassment against women are also at an alarming degree. While 123 women were exposed to violence either in the family or in social sphere, 76 women were raped, 45 were exposed to harassment and 7 were forced into prostitution.

* The rates of rape, harassment and violence on girls under 18 years are also considerable. According to the data, 14 girls were exposed to violence and 47 were subjected to rape. Separately, 24 girls were also harassed.

* Besides all murders, violence, harassment and rapes in family and public sphere, women also suffer violations by security forces. According to the figures reflecting, 8 women were exposed to the violence of security forces while 9 women were harassed or raped by security forces within this period.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil

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