Charged with Armed Group Propaganda at 102 years of age

102 years old Lalihan Akbay faces a criminal investigation with charges of “making propaganda of an illegal organization”. Allegedly, she committed the crime during the mawlid (a religious commemoration ceremony) for her son who died in 1985.


Lalihan Akbay (102) faces a criminal investigation after attending a mawlid, organized for his son, Mehmet Rauf Akbay. He was a PKK member and died on April 16, 1985.

“She can’t even speak, let alone making propaganda”

Bianet talked with her son, Tevfik Akbay. He said that the investigation was initiated after she talked with the media during the religious ceremony organized in the Tatvan Democratic Solution Tent on April 16, 2011. “She can barely hear and speak” he said.

Tevfik Akbay cannot understand why the prosecutor initiated an investigation against someone of her age and health condition. “She immediately forgets what she said.”

“She is 102, can’t speak, can’t hear and her crime is going to the mawlid for her son who died 26 years ago. I really cannot understand the ‘making propaganda for a terrorist organisation’ allegation.”

“Come back in 10 days”

The prosecutor started an investigation for Zahide Karakaşlı, Co-Chair of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Tatvan Branch, with the came charges.

The intestigation file was transferred to Van Prosecutor’s Office from Bitlis. Tevfik Albay went to Van to talk with the prosecutor, but was told to go back again in 10 days.

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