8th London Kurdish Film Festival

Roj Women invites you to the 8th London Kurdish Film Festival, in our city from 15 to 24 November. 

This year the festival showcases a variety of films, many of them focussing on Kurdish women’s and gender issues, including female genital mutilation, widowhood, sexual abuse, traditional gender roles, forced marriage and women’s activism. Don’t miss ‘Jin’, ‘Ten Seconds’, ‘Where is the land?’, ‘Ashes’, ‘Banaz: A Love Story’, ‘Fecira’, ‘Home’, ‘Peace Again’, ‘Playing Home’, ‘The Silent Revolution’, ‘Zarok’, and many more!

See the full programme with synopses of the movies here.

Jin News Agency

More Kurdish women-led media agencies are successfuly bringing a refreshing perspective to the news world. News by women, using gender lenses and focusing on issues that matter to Kurdish women and women in Turkey.

Roj Women welcomes Jin News Agency, based in Amed, Diyarbakir.

Jinha logo On their website, Jin News says:

“To understand the cause of women’s objectification firstly we should investigate  the history of  women. The press continues to  reinforce male-dominated thinking and masculine language. We say STOP. Our motto is ‘We  are going to change the language of media.’

JINHA stepped  in the world of press  on 8 March, 2012 and  we are disseminating  news in Kurdish, English and in Turkish languages via: http://www.jinha.com.tr, http://www.newsagencyofwomen.com, and http://www.nucejin.com.

Our subscribers are  our financial source; our target is  to present the world through the eyes of women; we  emphasize that women should have strong bonds with territory; we also emphasize the importance of women’s seeing themselves as intellectuals; we highlight the urgency of women’s self-organization; we believe that life shouldn’t be based on contest, but on cooperation; we reeject consumerist societies; we think  the glorification of power should be questioned; we  see all the creatures as ‘alive’ and aim to respect all  living creatures.”

In addition to the websites listed above, Jin news can also be followed on Facebook. Happy reading!