Six women have taken their own life in two monts

In the province of Ağrı another young woman has committed suicide

Source:ANF / AGRI

The suicide of a 18 year-old young girl in Diyadin/Ağrı with a shotgun, brought the number of suicides in the county in the last 2 months to 6.

According to the news received; 18 year-old Sozdar Çoban, who didn’t have parents and lived with her grandfather in Yeni Çadır village of Diyadin, killed herself with the shotgun of her grandfather. When the body of the young girl was found bey her grandfather, it was taken to Diyadin State Hospital and then to Trabzon Forensic Medicine Institution for autopsy.

Making a statement about the event, BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) Diyadin Mayor Celal Tanrıverdi spoke as follows; “In the last 2 months,6 women and young girls in the county have committed suicides for various reasons. These events are hurting the people of the county badly. There should be contact meetings organized for the young girls and boys in adolescence period. With slide projections, young people are necessarily supposed to be informed to free themselves from the feudal structure.”

Translator: Berna Ozgencil