European Court of Human Rights asked questions to Turkey about 2000 prison massacre

Examining the application of ‘Reviving Massacre’ victims in Bayrampaşa prison, the Court asked how the prisoners’ right to live was protected in the operation and if they were tortured during the transferring.

Source: ANF

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) asked the Turkish government to give answer to some questions concerning the massacre of prisoners in Bayrampaşa prison on 17 December 2000. The Court asked Ankara to answer the questions ‘Was it necessary to use violence’, ‘Were prisoners subjected  to torture?’  Continue reading

“Those Leaving Women to the Hands of Murderers Should be Punished”

Turkey cannot protect women, who takes shelters in the state. Women are dying. Coordinator Hacisalihoglu of the Hurriyet Campaign to End Domestic Violence is underlining the inadequacy of capacity in institutions. “Police officials, who take women from shelters and send them back to a violent environment, should be punished,” says Lawyer Arin.

Source: Bianet

Although Seyma Gunes (17), Mediha Basturk (19) and Sidika Platin (30) applied to shelters because they were subjected to violence by their families or husbands, they were not protected. Seyma was killed by her brother and Mediha was killed by her husband. The police officers had reconciled Mediha with her husband. A court had decided to hand Sidika over to her husband, who had cut her ear off. Today, only after six month, she is in hospital again. This time, she is in a coma. Continue reading