24 Women and 6 Men Killed in August

According to the monthly tally kept by bianet, 24 women were killed by males in August 2011. 17 women were raped, 51 wounded. The majority of violent incidents was observed in Istanbul, Izmir, Adana, Ankara and Antalya.


According to bianet‘s evaluation of local and national newspapers and news agencies, male perpetrators killed 24 men and six men in August 2011. Three of the culprits committed suicide, one attempted to kill himself. Continue reading

26 Women Killed by Men in July

According to data compiled by bianet, 26 women in Turkey were killed by men in July 2011. 21 women were raped, nine were harassed, 32 women were injured. The highest number of incidents involving violence against women occurred in Adana.


According to data from local and national newspapers and news agencies compiled by bianet, 26 women were killed by males in Turkey in the month of July 2011. Three of the culprits committed suicide and one died as the result of an injury obtained during the killing of a woman. Thus, male perpetrators killed a total of 155 women during the first seven months of 2011 in Turkey and a total of 54 women were raped. Continue reading

217 Women Killed by Men in Turkey in 2010

Data compiled by bianet suggest that males of all age groups, professions and status from almost all over Turkey exposed women of all age groups, professions and status to various kinds of violence in 2010. As a result, 217 women and girls lost their lives.

Source: Istanbul – BİA News Center

In 2010, males of all age groups, professions and status from almost all over Turkey exposed women of all age groups, professions and status to physical, psychological, sexual, economic and emotional violence. Continue reading

Global Day of Action against Iran’s Executions

International Committee Against Execution – UK has announced a Global Day of Action against Iran’s Executions and in support of  political prisoners in Iran

Saturday 29th Jan 2011, London

2-4pm, Trafalgar Square, North Terrace

(outside the National Gallery)


“Violence against women is the reflection of a male dominated society.”

“Violence is increasing either because men have an issue seeing more and more women escaping their control or because men continue to treat them as objects.”

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

Despite high levels of women empowerment in many countries in Europe, violence against women is on the rise, says Maud de Boer Buquicchio. The deputy secretary-general of the Council of Europe says last year’s decision of the European Court of Human Rights that found the Turkish government guilty of failing to protect women victims of domestic violence is of historic importance since it might serve as an example to all other European countries.
Buquicchio said Europe would have a new international legal document to fight violence against women since the Council of Europe has mandated a group of expert to draft a new convention. “It [the new document] will be binding. Member states will have to sign and ratify it,” she said. Continue reading

Eighteen women killed by men in November!

Source: BIA

According to Bianet scanning of newspapers, websites and news agencies, at least 18 women were killed by men in the month of November and 15 women were injured. The monitoring presented by Bianet makes a grim reading.

With many of the women killed or injured by men they know very well, boyfriends, husbands or family members. Children are victims of violence too. The news, as Bianet specified, do not always include information on age, profession, environment or the perpetrators. In general, the reviewed news were based on the statement of the perpetrators or on police reports. Yet, despite the missing information, a general view revealed that males from all age group expose women from all age groups to violence. Harassment and rape of children has increased in particular.

According to the news, males from all age groups and professions imposed physical and sexual violence to women in November this year. Continue reading

Zeyneb Celaliyan in a critical condition in Iranian prison

“My trial took only few minutes. The judge accused me of being the “enemy of God” and said that I shall be executed soon”

Source: Kurdish Info

The Kurdish female political prisoner on death raw is in a critical condition in Iranian detention but prison’s officials don’t permit her to be seen by doctor, a report said on Thursday. Zeyneb Celaliyan 27 year old from the city of Maku of Eastern Kurdistan was sentenced to death and has been subjected to unbearable excruciation ever since. Celalyan was arrested in Kermanshah for her alleged involvement in the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK). She was given death sentence in a show trial which only lasted few minutes without having solicitor. Continue reading

Women Human rights lawyer on hunger strike in Iran

A prominent Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh is in a serious condition after going on hunger strike in prison, a New York-based Iranian rights group says.

Source: ANF Iran

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran (ICHRI) called on the United Nations to intervene in the case of Nasrin Sotoudeh. Sotoudeh has been refusing food since Sunday in protest against her treatment.

Continue reading

Let’s unite against stoning and execution

Evaluation of the history of sovereignty would reveal the fact that violence has been the main characteristic of power seeking mentalities.

Source: Kurdish Info

The political prisoners in the Iranian Detentions- Evaluation of the history of sovereignty would reveal the fact that violence has been the main characteristic of power seeking mentalities. It is however in clear violation of the international human rights standards and democracy. Continue reading

Sakine’s death sentence will be executed today

Iranian women prisoner Sakine Mohammed Ashtiani’s death sentence will be executed today by hanging, the International Committee Against Stoning reported.

Source: ANF

 Ashtiani was sentenced to death by stoning on 2006. The case gained international attention as Amnesty International and various human rights organizations launched campaigns against stoning.
The authorities in Tehran have given the go ahead to Tabriz prison for the execution of Iran stoning case Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. It has been reported that she is to be executed this Wednesday 3 November. Continue reading