Turkey’s security forces and judiciary protect men who beat women

Source: Kurdish info

Sidika Platin was beaten and tortured by her husband and placed in a women’s shelter for her protection. Faruk Platin cut her ear and knifed her face on September 25, 2009. Sidika stayed in a women’s shelter in Saray, a district of Van. However, 45 days later, the judge ordered that she return to her husband.
Platin was hospitalized recently in critical condition in a coma. The court failed to issue a search warrant for her husband as the perpetrator of the violent crime.

Both the gendarmerie and prosecutor of Saray have known her situation for 11 years, said Sidika’s brother, Mehmet Nuri Ozer. Ozer alleged that the husband was protected by the prosecutor. Ozer blamed security forces and authorities for ignoring the complaints made many times by Sidika and himself. He also alleged that he had been threatened as well as his sister Sidika to not make a public statement about Faruk Platin otherwise the children would be separated from her.

Ozer will make a denouncement against the prosecutor and gendarmerie for not fulfilling their legal responsibilities. He condemns the court as well for not issuing a warrant for Faruk Platin.